Products and Services
Nuvem provides cohesiveness and confidence within the products and services we deliver. All divisions under Nuvem abide by a corporate wide company mission, values and policies. 

While we continue to develop and offer more products and services, these corporate standards will continue to be upheld.

We invite you to learn more about our products below, please visit our websites for more information. 

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340Basics provides 340B Management offering a broad spectrum of solutions and services to Covered Entities such as eligibility management, professional support, claims adjudication services, 340B PBM build, accounting and financial management, audit products etc.

The technology developed and utilized by 340Basics, is the most current and state of the art software being used in the industry.
Assent is dedicated to assisting clients stay and maintain compliance through mock audits, assisting with self-audits, reviewing policy and procedures, contract review as well as HIPAA consulting. Recently introduced has been our Finance Recovery Engine to help with retroactive reimbursements.

Assent’s staff have a combined experience of over 40 years operating and managing the complex 340B program.
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