Nuvem Products
Nuvem provides cohesiveness and confidence within the products and services we deliver. All divisions under Nuvem abide by a corporate wide company mission, values and policies. 

While we continue to develop and offer more products and services, these corporate standards will continue to be upheld.

We invite you to learn more about our products below, please visit our websites for more information. 

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A division of Nuvem that provides SaaS and technology solutions to eligible covered entities. Without the correct software and compliance engine, 340B programs can be susceptible to inaccuracy, wasted manpower, penalties, and risk of non-compliance from HRSA  and OPA.

A division of Nuvem with Our extensive experience in the healthcare  industry, and the 340B Program, enables us  
to provide our clients with the tools required to operate a compliant program. Providing consulting, external 340B auditing and more. 

Provided under the 340Basics division, Invictis combines our intuitive drug inventory system and split-billing software ensures that administering the 340B program in a hospital setting remains compliant, is uncomplicated and furnishes improved management of 340B programs.

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Provided under the 340Basics division, Portico delivers a cutting edge, 340B software solution. We are setting industry standards and taking 340B program solutions to another level. Designed with the client in mind, this platform provides ease of use, increased accessibility, data integrity, detailed reporting and full compliance.

Provided as an optional add-on solution to Portico and Invictis, Zentro, gives clients the ability to include an Advanced Referral Program efficiently capturing referral claims and increasing revenue while staying compliant. It is an additional enhancement to our cutting-edge software. Marrying innovative technology with exceptional service.

Yallah is our IT division responsible for building and deploying superior technology solutions under all Nuvem divisions.  Bringing our entire software IT department in-house provides Nuvem the ability to create, develop and execute new solutions and enhance existing, at a faster pace while remaining more accurate and advanced.

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Most Powerful Reporting Tools in Industry
  • Delivering Most Powerful Business Intelligence Tool in Industry
  • Provide client’s enhanced capabilities by delivering an extraordinary, in-depth reporting tool, that transcends any other solution in the market today.
  • This cutting-edge enhancement will improve efficiencies with a dynamic overall view of your 340B Program and the ability to dive deeper with speed and ease.
  • Use of business intelligence tools allows clients to analyze and use data for various clinical and financial decisions making, producing improved outcomes
  • Accurate Real-Time Data