Our Company
Nuvem: Derived from the Portuguese language - meaning “cloud”. Offering industry leading cloud-based healthcare solutions, in addition to providing a layer of security via its consulting and management division. 
Nuvem is a cloud based drug management technology and consulting industry leader.  

Founded in 2014, Nuvem provides software technology and consulting services to hundreds of healthcare organizations nationwide. Nuvem began as the vision of a CFO of a large FQHC, with over 10 years’ experience operating a 340B program. Witnessing a lack of technology capabilities in other software providers, she began research to develop and implement a tool to help other healthcare organizations. It is this vast program knowledge, along with the most current and state of the art software solution, that has allowed organizations to increase revenue and operate efficient and compliant programs nationwide. 

Listening and learning from our clients has revealed a necessity to improve healthcare technology in numerous area. This knowledge along with our industry leading developers, has kept Nuvem in a constant state of growth; developing and implementing innovative software to further enhance healthcare management.  

Nuvem provides cohesiveness and confidence of the products & services we deliver. All divisions under Nuvem, currently 340Basics and Assent, abide by a corporate wide company mission, values and policies. This further enhances the cohesiveness and confidence or our team, products, services and standards.

While we continue to develop and offer more products and services, these corporate standards will continue to be upheld.


Our mission is simple: to make healthcare technology an asset for your organization. It is our mission to consistently exceed our client’s expectations by providing industry leading technology solutions and advanced consultancy services through our product divisions.


Nuvem strives to remain the leader in technology and innovative drug management solutions. We do this by not only creating and implementing innovative products, but solving our clients needs with our solutions in the most innovative way.


We continually communicate with, and learn from, our clients in order to improve our products and services. Our industry and technology experts keep on top of updates and changes, no matter how fast they move, ensuring our clients always have the best tools available.

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