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Expert Drug Management Technology and Consulting
Industry Leading Services and Solutions. 
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Cloud Based
Drug Management
Real-Time Data
Advanced Security
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Our Mission
Our mission is simple: to make technology an asset for your organization.  It is Nuvem’s mission to consistently exceed our client’s expectations by providing industry leading technology solutions and advanced consultancy services through our product divisions.
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Our Commitment
We continually communicate with, and learn, from our clients in order to improve our products and services. Our industry and technology experts keep on top of updates and changes, no matter how fast they move, ensuring our clients always have the best tools available.

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Perfecting Technology
340Basics offers a variety of technology solutions that can be built and customized to fit your healthcare software needs. These solutions are created to be utilized throughout a vast array of healthcare markets.

We have taken all the pieces of the 340B puzzle and put together a solution that takes the burden off your shoulders.
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Experts in Consulting and Compliance
Assent is extremely experienced in assessing clinical environments. We assist organizations to qualify for program inclusion, ensure program compliance and help clients meet their efficiency and savings objectives.

Along with our technology services, Assent offers a variety of consulting services that are a valuable added asset to any healthcare entity. Our Assent division is powered by proficient specialists that will integrate with your existing team, reviewing contracts, documents, systems, procedures and policies, ensuring that you are meeting and exceeding government regulations. 
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